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Where it all started ...

The History

  • 1987


    Shilpa Medicare Limited (SML)

    Where and When

    Shilpa Medicare Limited (SML) started its operations as API manufacturer way back in 1987 at Raichur, Karnataka- India. The commercial production in the SML was started in November 1989. Near 1992, the SML had further enhanced its operations by inducting new production facilities The Company thus started manufacturing for both export and domestic markets since 1992.


    The Evolution

    In November 1993, Shilpa Medicare was converted into a Public Limited Company. Today, we have carved a niche for ourselves in the exceedingly competitive and quality-conscious field of pharmaceuticals manufacturing. We aim to be amongst global leaders in generic APIs & pharmaceutical products manufacturers, finding innovative ways to make affordable medicines accessible to every section of the society.

    We are dealing with high-quality Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), Intermediates, Formulations, New Drug Delivery Systems, Peptides / Biotech products and Specialty Chemicals etc. utilizing sophisticated technology meticulously in order to comply with international standards/specifications.

    We aim for ensuring affordable healthcare without compromising quality standards.

    Being proactive in approach, we continuously seek out avenues and first available opportunities for development of new products drawing strength from our zeal to provide affordable healthcare to everyone. Shilpas state-of-the-art infrastructure, more than 2 decades of experience, and rigorous across-the-board quality standards all contribute to our commitment- Quality Healthcare at a price which everyone can afford. Being Shilpa Medicare companies, our vision and business plans are shared by our subsidiary organizations:

    • Koanaa Healthcare GmbH
  • 2016


    Koanaa Healthcare GmbH

    Where and When

    Koanaa Healthcare GmbH was funded in Juli 2016 as 100% daughter of Shilpa Medicare Limited (SML).

    The name Koanaa is derived from an ancient Indian river name, which is spelled as Koyna.

    At Koanaa Healthcare GmbH, part of Shilpa, we bring on board the expertise and passion for excellence of our competent team to develop quality pharmaceuticals while building value to our partners and stakeholders.

    We are seeking to be as successful and reliable partner within the pharmaceutical domain. At Koanaa Healthcare GmbH, we make every effort to create an environment of openness and transparency. We believe in maintaining the trust and respect of all of our stakeholders and customers by acting with integrity at all times. Our ultimate goal is to help all levels of society in living healthier lives.

    Koanaa Healthcare GmbH and SML are committed to its mission of achieving affordable healthcare, which shall be available to more and more people globally. ‘Global access to affordable healthcare’- is how we see ourselves contributing to the field of medicine.


Koanaa Healthcare GmbH, 100% daughter of Shilpa Medicare, shall be part of a healthier and happier future for all kind of people irrespective of their economic status. Every human being shall be cared for and we shall provide them hope during the turbulent times of their lives. Our hard work, diligence, sincerity, more than two decades of experience from Shilpa Medicare and honesty, backed by intelligent planning, shall forge a synergy of thoughts and action. Koanaa Healthcare GmbH shall maintain the best quality by continuous improvement in the system to ensure regulatory compliance to meet the international standards, simultaneously keeping in mind the environmental health. In accomplishing our mission, we shall stand by our values, which run in the very existence of our organisation.


With increasing cost of healthcare around the world, we as a generic pharmaceuticals organization commit to provide significant savings for both patients as well as healthcare systems. Shilpa Medicare is firm on its commitment to constantly, consistently and persistently innovate for providing affordable healthcare beyond any discrimination or boundaries, so as to bring a pleasant difference to patient’s lives.


Quality for our Customers: Our customers are our primary focus and our priority is addressing their requirements effectively. We believe it is important to always be one step ahead and anticipate the evolving needs, finding innovative ways for healthcare problems. We strive to exceed customer expectations, ensuring the delivery of high-quality products and services in a time bound manner.

Respect and Integrity

At Koanaa Healthcare GmbH, we make every effort to create an environment of transparency and trust. We believe it is important to act responsibly and doing the right things in a right manner. We believe in being truthful and strive to maintain the trust and respect of all of our stakeholders by acting with integrity at all times.

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